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November 16, 2020[INQ. NO. 2011C42] A GOOD DAY Mineral Herbal Hair Care Saimdang is a nourishing herbal shampoo and conditioner containing high-purity ingredients called bentonite and herbal extracts.
Bentonite is a formation of clay mineral from volcanic ash that has fallen into the sea and acted on saltwater about thirty million years ago. It has various characteristics such as Cation exchange capacity (CEC), adsorbent (a flagship product), moisturizing, which contains about 60 natural minerals in the crystal structure of the nanoparticle level.
Bentonite transforms into the state of the swollen gel by absorbing water about five-times heavier than its own weight. This specialized material in the swollen gel state supplies moisture to the scalp and forms a thin film to prevent evaporation of moisture.
Hence, Bentonite in the gel state prevents split ends and falling out of hair by enveloping each hair separately. Also, it provides the moisturizing power to the damaged and dried hair while keeping fine hairs moisturized.

This product containing herbal medicine extracts, red ginseng, and licorice is good for healthy scalp and exfoliation and shows excellent effect in preventing hair loss.
AHLIN Co., Ltd. is a general trading company established in 1996 conducting import and export business. Since its establishment, the company has imported raw materials from Pakistan and conducted export & export brokerage, customs clearance consulting, and international distribution services in China and other counties.
The company won the 3-million-dollar Export Tower Award on the 46th Trading Day in 2009 and the 5-million-dollar Export Tower Award on the Trading Day in 2015. The Chinese market is on an upward trend while the superiority of Korean products has become known to the market, so even more marketability can be expected in the future. The company has grown while concentrating on securing distribution networks for markets in China. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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