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November 16, 2020[INQ. NO. 2011C45] Preparing for the post-corona era, many areas applied to the human body are changing, and especially materials related to the respiratory system are drawing special attention. Atomemo Rhina Mist is a product capable of adapting to the changing seasons and harsh living environments by developing respiratory-related substances using ATM-1,2,3, patented substances.

Nose Moisturizing Mist
Atomemo Rhina Mist is created to help prevent itchiness in the nasal cavity by improving the environment, reinforcing the level of immunity, and moisturizing the nasal cavity. It helps the human body to respond better to allergies that often occur during the turning-point of the season, and to the exposure to various harmful substances by strengthening the skin barrier.
Also, its contents are 99.9% natural, so that it causes no side effects, even when it is used for a long time.
The stimulative properties are minimized so that it can be used for children with peace of mind. It can easily wash the nasal cavity, and can prevent damage to and calm down the membrane inside the nasal cavity. Users will be able to distinctly feel the cell transmittance rate and cell regeneration effect of O-CNF developed by the company.
Established in June 2015, EWNL is a research institute for natural products based on oriental medicine. It is developing and manufacturing bio and basic pharmaceuticals, health functional foods, and natural complex functional cosmetics.

EWNL also offers a range of natural multi-functional cosmetics products that soothes and relieves various skin problems, including atopy. Dr. Jam lotion and cream prevent dead skin cells and shedding that often occurs in gerodermia and cultivates dermatophylaxis capacity. They are especially effective for seniors’ itchy skins on the back.
Currently, the company is exporting to the USA, China, and Japan, while striving to develop new materials and expand into new markets. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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