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November 26, 2020[INQ. NO. 2012C19] Organic Mushroom & Oats Porridge is healthy, organic oatmeal with mushroom that needs to be chewed and has been certified as an organic processed food. It is made mainly with organic oats grown in Korea and has no artificial food additives at all.
Oats were the only grain listed among the 10 healthIest foods by Time magazine in 2002, because it is rich in protein, dietary fiber, and essential amino acids. As much as 80% of the fat contained in oats is unsaturated fat, which is approved as a functional food because it reduces the cholesterol content in the blood and suppresses the blood sugar spike after eating.
Oats are twice as rich in vitamins, and four times richer in calcium than brown rice, which helps one to lose fat around the waist and to improve bone health. Oats is called the king of grains because it suppresses the blood sugar spike after eating, and promotes bowel movement because it is twice as rich in protein and seven times as rich in dietary fiber.
Lignan contained in oats reduces cholesterol and neutral fat. The dietary fiber in oats is known to make a great contribution toward preventing colon cancer by reducing the time that feces stay in the colon, and preventing the carcinogens from being absorbed into the intestinal mucous membrane.Organic Mushroom & Brown Rice Porridge is a healthy porridge made with brown rice that has been certified as an organic processed food. Modern people who are always busy can easily enjoy this product as a meal or a snack.
It contains no food additives whatsoever. Brown rice is full of vital power – once it is placed in the water, it starts germinating. It is the most complete food in terms of nutrition, as it contains all 45 essential nutrients a human body requires.
Mushroom & Roasted Rice Porridge is a well-being porridge certified as an organic processed food. It is made of roasted brown rice and dried shiitake mushrooms, and contains no food additives.
It is a delicious Korean traditional rice-soup with full nutrition. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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