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November 26, 2020 Enzyme
[INQ. NO. 2012C17] Arazyme is a high-performance proteolytic enzyme separated from the intestinal microorganisms of nephila clavata, which has a very wide usage. It not only removes old dead skin cells biologically without any side effects, but also has an antibacterial effect against harmful microbes on the skin, and an anti-inflammatory effect that alleviates skin problems and inflammation.


Arazyme Facial Gel; Arazyme Facial Powder is a biological peeling agent that removes unnecessary, harmful and old dead skin cells without stimulation – and unlike the chemical peeling agents, it does not damage the skin at all.
It helps helpful substances to be absorbed into the skin quickly and deeply by decomposing the old dead skin cells.

Arazyme Facial Powder is an enzyme facial cleanser. It uses minute bubbles to deeply cleanse the sebum and bodily waste in the pores, while it prevents various skin troubles by detoxifying the skin.
B.A.L., a foot cleanser and also a foot cream, contains the enzyme that effectively decomposes old dead skin cells and various moisturizing ingredients that soften the thick dead skin cells, removing the habitat of the germs that cause athlete’s foot and moisturizing and softening rough and cracked feet and soles.

Functional Toothpaste
SP Dental is a product that has been approved for its safety and contains arazyme and 99% pure silver. It prevents various diseases of the oral cavity, removes bad breath and effectively improves frequent swelling, aching and bleeding gums. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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