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November 26, 2020[INQ. NO. 2012C12] Tina Liqueur contains jukryuk (bamboo extract) that has a strong and deep taste and fermented strawberry. Tina Liqueur is a product that suits the trend of the recent liquor market where low-proof, sweet drinks are preferred. One of the features of Tina Liqueur is that anyone can easily enjoy it.
Tina Liqueur comes in a sophisticated and neat design, which does away with stereotypes of the young consumers’ tastes regarding the existing traditional Korean liquor. The LED light at the bottom of the bottle can also brighten up the mood.
Unlike the existing imported liquor, it can be enjoyed by itself without mixing with other beverages, so consumers can enjoy a unique experience that they cannot get from the existing products.
Tina Liqueur is sold not only through general liquor sales outlets, but also in clubs, concerts, aircraft, duty-free stores, department stores, restaurants, etc. By being sold through so many channels, Tina Liqueur is showcasing the excellence of Korean traditional liquor to the world.
The Tina Home Party Kit consists of Tina Liqueur (750ml), Mirror Ball, Finger Light, Luminous Stick, and two Tina Cups. Consumers can scan the QR code printed on the back of the package to listen to music. Tina liqueur is becoming popular because consumers can feel like they are in a club or at a party.

Tina Liqueur is a product suitable for the current situation where people are reluctant to step outside their homes due to COVID-19, and prefer to spend a pleasant time in a safe place. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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