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Sports Medical Equipment | Korean Products Bio-Silicone Garment
[INQ. NO. 2012C27] Wave Wear relieves pain, effectively decomposes lactic acid and improves motor ability as soon as the user wears it, because it is made using BWAS™ technology, which applies bio-adhesive silicon to the inside of the sleeve.
Normally, it took hours for a sports medicine expert to apply the disposable kinesiology tape, but now the consumers can enjoy the effect of kinesiology tape with this product by simply putting it on. Also, the adhesive silicone inside the product will recover its function after it is washed.
This product popularized kinesiology tape therapy because it reduces the time and the cost of the existing kinesiology tape therapy by more than 80% every year, when assumed that the user exercises once a week.
Wave pleasantly wraps around the muscle and the skin by giving the user the right degree of pressure that will not make the user feel uncomfortable and the taping function when worn. It is revolutionary performance wear that works as a protector and a performance-enhancer.
The level of customer satisfaction on this product purchased through crowdfunding in and outside Korea was very high, which led to a strong sales performance. Wave Wear, the world’s first adhesive bio-silicone compression wear, will keep evolving into a safe product that enhances sports performance.

Established in 2010, Wave Company Ltd. is a company that researches, develops and distributes technology in the fields of sports and sports medical. In particular, by developing products made by grafting medical adhesive silicone and fiber, it has developed unrivaled technology to improve athletic performance and reduce muscle fatigue.
Holding more than 30 related domestic and foreign patents, its technology has been verified through clinical trials for lactate reduction and CE medical certification. In addition, FDA certification is currently in progress. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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