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November 27, 2020 Shoes for Seniors
[INQ. NO. 2012C36] VARAZI Comfort are ultra-light and anti-slip functional shoes with improved convenience and stability for seniors to walk safely and longer. The proprietary anti-slip technology makes it resistant to water and oil, thereby preventing seniors from slipping while walking on wet floors.
For the elderly with weak muscle strength, the front nose of the shoe is designed to be 20mm or higher in consideration of their walking characteristics. It can prevent one from tripping over even small irregularities and slight unevenness on the ground.
VARAZI shoes, made of excellent elastic material, can be worn comfortably even by patients with valgus. Its soft and flexible outsole provides easy walking and reduces the risk of slipping on wet surfaces.
Weighing 175g (based on 230mm), it is lighter than a glass of water (180g), so one can walk longer. The fully opening and closing feature allows caregivers to easily put on seniors’ shoes. When walking a short distance, the insole, made by OrthoLite Co., USA, has excellent sweat absorption and antibacterial ability, and provides comfort with a soft cushion. Its fabric, made using water-repellent treatment, is not easily contaminated.

Non-Slip Kids’ Shoes
UK-10 is an ideal non-slip indoor and outdoor shoe with a breathable upper and soft insole, which is designed especially for schoolgoing boys and girls. It is made using non-toxic, ultra-light EVA Injection Phylon, and 1st. grade slip-resistant Glycerin. This product is designed to protect kids from slipping on surfaces wet with water or oil.
Equipped with rubberized soles and elaborate tread patters, UK10-10 offers an optimal grip while walking, running or even working on slippery surfaces. The durable and flexible EVA IP sole allows the feet to move freely and the invisible elastic around the ankles helps prevent them from falling off.

UK-Island Co., Ltd. produces safety products such as safety-shoes, disposable-masks, protective-clothing, thermal vests, harnesses, safety gloves, KF94 masks, and summer sports items. Its brands include Black Yak, Prozen, and EXR. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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