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January 15, 2021[INQ. NO. 2101C02] IZEZE Anyone Skin Care 3-Step Solution for 24-Hour Full Care is a product made from cypress water, mild ingredients with dual functions of moisturization and wrinkle relief and consisting of three items: toner, serum, and cream.
Using increased content of cypress water instead of using purified water that is commonly added to cosmetics, it helps improve atopic skin, while a large amount of phytoncide prevents dryness through abundant moisture supply, soothing the skin, providing antibacterial action, and improving skin condition.
The fermented complex extract and panthenol (vitamin V B5) that are commonly contained in all its products, replenish tired skin with moisture and vitality, thereby helping to improve skin elasticity and wrinkles. It has been certified through a skin hypo-irritation test conducted by the KC Skin Research Center.

IZEZE Anyone Calming Toner is a hypoallergenic product that contains cypress water to provide rich moisture and moisture absorption without causing stickiness, while providing a light and refreshing feeling. The panthenol and adenosine ingredients soothe sensitive skin and improve elasticity.

IZEZE Anyone Skin Care 3-Step Solution for 24-Hour Full Care

IZEZE Anyone Recovery Serum also containing cypress water, helps prevent dryness, relieve skin stress, and improves wrinkles through excellent moisturization. The panthenol and hyaluronic acid contained in the product replenish tired skin with moisture and vitality, making it moist and energetic.

IZEZE Anyone Calming Toner

IZEZE Anyone Recovery Cream also contains cypress water to revitalize sensitive skin, relieve dryness, and help maintain healthy skin. The fermented complex extract contained in the product recharges tired skin with moisture and vitality, and adenosine rejuvenates the skin, making it shiny and elastic.

IZEZE Anyone Recovery Cream | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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