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February 22, 2021[INQ. NO. 2102C17] Yesgood Tab helps maintain the pH balance of the vagina of a woman and creates an environment where the beneficial bacteria in the vagina can multiply, and maintains the skin of the sensitive area healthy. It clears uncomfortable odor and itchiness of the secret area while providing enough moisture to the skin. It also helps improve skin elasticity.

Premium Facial Mask
Vitamin Ampoule Mask is a mask pack that is excellent for improving skin tone with coenzyme Q10 as a key ingredient. It obtained sanitation approval in China in 2017, and has been gaining popularity at home and abroad since its launch. Its main ingredients include iscoenzyme Q10, niacinamide, and ceramide. In particular, the TENCEL mask base made from Eucalyptus extract is safe and harmless.


Vitamin Ampoule Mas

korean Functional Cosmetics


Diet Serum
Vs9 is developed for those who want to take care of thick thighs and arms, for those who have worries about sagging skin, and lumpy-looking thighs, those who want to have oval (slim) and three-dimensional face lines, those who want a slim body, those who have rough skin, goosebumps, ichthyosis (fish skin) or stretch marks, and those who have a swollen face, arms or legs in the morning and the evening. Life Together Co., Ltd. has been a venture company manufacturing cosmetics for 18 years and has accumulated expertise in professional esthetic products since its inception. The company has been certified by the FDA, and obtained ISO 22716 certification through its affiliated research institute. Life Together is currently in the process of exporting to more than 7,000 skincare shops in 29 countries. In addition, 7 to 11% of its R&D investment is made annually by improving performance. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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Portable Toilet

Portable Toilet

[INQ. NO. 2205C12] JOEUN LIFT (JL-3000M) was launched after years of research and development to make powered toilet seat lifts that help the...

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