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February 23, 2021[INQ. NO. 2102C18] daymellow’ is a natural cosmetics brand created by experts who have been researching and developing for years in the market for cosmetics and mask packs. daymellow’ is based on natural basic energy since it believes in the healing power of nature. It is made by using only healthy ingredients from nature in order to protect the skin. For maximizing the functional part of the cosmetic contents, it is equipped with optimal hygienic storage, container, and package design, and enhanced convenience.
daymellow’ Soothing Gel is a natural water-based formula that instantly soothes and keep the skin moisturized and comfortable for a long time. It delivers pure water energy deep into the skin immediately upon application without a sticky feeling and helps soothe the redness, quench thirsty skin and it is also ideal for after-sun exposure.
daymellow’ Pure Water Energy Mask Pack is made by using deep seawater in the South Pacific that is full of minerals. It moisturizes the skin to reduce the heat level and quickly revitalizes the skin with the seaweed complex, sea swallow house, and seed brush. Mild and breathable, the micro-fibrous sheet provides a soft feel and excellent adhesion.

daymellow’ is a natural cosmetics brand

daymellow’ Bluemarine Skincare is made by using deep seawater from Ulleung island and aqua-ceramide that strengthens the moisture and skin barrier, and Guaiazulene that instantly soothes the skin. Slightly acidic with ph 5.5, it cleanses the skin to prevent irritation by adjusting the moisture balance of the skin. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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