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Hipseat Baby Carrier | Korean Products

February 25, 2021[INQ. NO. 2102C25] SINBI-i is an all-in-one hipseat carrier that features simple and sensory lines, outstanding toughness, highly elastic sponge, and highly dense EVA foam. In addition to elasticity, the shock preventive/absorbing performance is so excellent that the load over the spine is distributed and minimized while the optimal position and wearing sensation are maintained.
SINBI-i Hipseat prevents a baby from becoming bowlegged and the parents from developing backache or shoulder pain. With the body position kept straight and stable, the baby’s weight is evenly distributed to minimize stress on the spine, pelvis, and arms.
Equipped with width- and height-adjustable leg side covers and cushion that help a newborn baby to fit into the carrier, it can be used from newborns to walking babies, which makes the item retain its value longer.


Hipseat Baby Carrier

Since its first model was introduced in the domestic market in 2008, SINBI-i has been a leading hipseat brand with its superior quality and reasonable price. SINBI-i has been exported to international OEM customers and has won prestigious global design awards including IF, RED DOT, and DFA. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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