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Portable Espresso Machine | Korean Products

February 26, 2021[INQ. NO. 2102C26] LEVERPRESSO is the world’s smallest lever-type espresso extractor. The lever enables one to adjust the pressure freely and allows quick extraction. Despite its small size, it is equipped with a large 51mm basket to make high-quality espresso with high and even pressure, using a lever.
It can easily extract cafe-quality espresso anytime, anywhere water and coffee beans are available, without using electricity or fuel. Its highly efficient lever system allows extraction with a pressure of nine atmospheres or more, even with a small force.
Equipped with two types of compatible filters, the user can select an extraction method; and by adjusting the pressure with the lever, one can enjoy not only espresso but also coffee of various flavors to suit one’s taste.
LEVERPRESSO consists of a lever, a piston, a cylinder, and a filter. And the traditional method of extracting coffee into a cup is applied by using two levers to force the piston to push the water.
This product features uniform pressure and a water spray, excellent filter performance, and suitable extraction temperature, which are the most important factors that influence the performance of an espresso machine.
In addition, it can be conveniently carried anywhere thanks to its smaller size and weight compared to conventional lever-type coffee machines. It is designed for easy assembly and washing of the product, thus ensuring convenient hygiene management.

Portable Espresso Machine

Pebble Bottle enables one to extract coffee and tea without a separate device. In order to extract coffee or tea more effectively, it is equipped with a double fine filter that can remove fine particles, and a built-in copper plate to increase heat retention for making more delicious coffee or tea.
Founded in 2016, HUGH Inc. is a coffee and lifestyle brand. It has set itself a goal of developing eco-friendly and energy-efficient products with unique designs and convenient functions.


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