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March 12, 2021 Toothbrush for Infants
[INQ. NO. 2103C02] Mega Ten Kids Sonic differs from regular toothbrushes in that its 360-degree circular structured toothbrush head creates radial vibration by itself using sonic vibration and sweeps the surface of the teeth. Because it is an electric toothbrush, children can brush their teeth neatly by themselves, merely by adjusting the position of the toothbrush head.
It also has a function of cleansing by spraying fine water drops. Even for children who have trouble to control a toothbrush, the microfiber toothbrush head will not damage their teeth and gums, but allows meticulous oral care even in places that cannot be reached with a regular toothbrush by spreading water drops. Moreover, fun character design is a characteristic of this product so children can brush their teeth as if they were playing with a toy. More than 10 types of animal characters are illustrated tri-dimensionally on the 100% silicon handle.

Vibrational Toothbrush for Infants
The LED light that allows transparency allows children to focus on brushing teeth, which is also useful for parents when they brush their children’s teeth. The two-minute timer is effective to facilitate the training of tooth brushing for children. Soft sonic vibration not only secures safe and high detergency, but also breaks kids’ habit of chewing the brush head.

Baby Product
The hygienic washer ring structure patented by One Star International Co., Ltd., which has strived for research and development of toothbrushes since 2011, passed the clinic tests and researches of the Korea Academy of Preventive Dentistry, and it is proven through articles in international journals that the 360 toothbrush has much better efficiency than a one-way toothbrush for removing dental plaque, bad breath, and coated tongue.
Mega Ten Kids Sonic has acquired certifications including KC and CE, and is compliant with Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS). It has been exported to more than ten countries including the USA, Japan, Australia, China, and Russia.

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