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March 12, 2021 Intraoral Camera
[INQ. NO. 2103C01] Bonida Dual Alpha is a dental oral camera that can capture the teeth. In addition to the general intraoral camera function, it is equipped with a patented extra camera, thus being useful for building a customer database by taking images of the whole teeth and face.
This product can clearly capture the upper and lower maxillae, the entire teeth, and face, expanding the range of use of the intraoral camera to obtain high-resolution (HD 720p) output and deep, clear images. In addition, it offers enhanced durability and cleanliness thanks to the use of a slim head design and aluminum material, while the liquid lens mounted on it enables auto-focus by simply clicking the Focus button.
Using a convenient one-touch method and a metal connector, Bonida Dual Alphag features a sleep mode function that automatically switches to standby mode when not in use for ten minutes. It is resusable with just a touch of any button, and its light handpiece weight (64g) provides users with ultimate convenience.

Dental Intraoral Camera

Dental Curing Light
Noblesse A is an LED visible light polymerizer that cures composite resins, bonding and resin-based restorative composites, and colorants by irradiating visible light. Unlike conventional curing devices, this premium product adopts a 407nm blue LED with additional plaque detecting function.
By irradiating multi-broadband high-power visible light of 385nm~515nm (peak 466nm)), it cures resin and bonding agents, resin-based restorative composites, colorants, etc. Using 3D CNC-processed metal case made of durable aluminum and application of metal buttons and glass OLED ensure excellent durability and abrasion resistance.
In addition, Noblesse A has 13 user-oriented and convenient light polymerization modes including whitening and Orthodontic mode. Other features include: a slim head that rotates 180 degrees; elegant and ergonomic design; high-capacity lithium-ion battery (2600mah) allowing the use of more than 1,600 times (extra 3 seconds); fast-light polymerization (3,000mW/cm2±10%) with high-power plasma level; and OLED display that ensures convenient mode check and setting.

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