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March 15, 2021 Soap
[INQ. NO. 2103C06] Natural Angel EM Soap has excellent cleansing effect because it is made of a fermented substance to which some 80 useful microorganisms are added. The greywater created after the use of the soap can cleanse the inside of sewer pipes and improve soil quality when poured into the soil, helping plants grow more briskly.
The patented water-soluble silicate that has strong anti-oxidation effects is added to BA to remove the bodily wastes on the skin and in the pores, and restore the original functions of the skin.
It received the Excellent Product Grand Award and the Excellent Maker Grand Award from the 20th Sejong Culture Grand Awards in the area of fermentation science. Its maker applied for a patent (application no.: KR10-0996882 B1) and received the ISO9001 certificate.
When lighting this soap with a lighter, the soap will melt and drop like teardrops without creating any black smoke. Instead, it is cut in half cleanly.

Natural Angel EM Soap

Natural Angel EM Soap


Prebiotic Bacteria Actives
New Earth Prebiotic Bacteria Actives is a healthy food made of thermophile prebiotics (a substance created by new technology), extract from rice bran and dietary fiber from kelp, which vitalize the beneficial intestinal bacteria.
The strain in the existing yogurt drinks or fermented foods was less effective because it died in the stomach before it reached the intestine.
New Earth Prebiotic Bacteria Actives is prebiotic that vitalizes various beneficial bacteria living inside the intestines of animals and human beings. It sharply increases the number of beneficial intestinal bacteria and amplifies the health improvement effect by delivering together the strain as well as the substances that vitalize the strain.

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