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March 17, 2021[INQ. NO. 2103C10] YN-900 multifunctional medical bed series is a three-motor bed of which the upper and lower part angles and even the height can be adjusted with two remote controllers coming with it, making patients and doctors feel more comfortable even in narrow spaces. Thanks to the addition of a retraction function that expands the gap between the bottom board and the backboard by 115mm when lifting up the upper part, a patient feels more comfortable as he/she can secure a wider space for the pelvis between the upper and lower parts of the bed.
YN-900 with a simple and softly-curved design that fits in any place is equipped with a CPR function for an emergency, central-locking wheels (a function for moving straight), IP54 (waterproof and dustproof) and PP bed top that is detachable and is easy to wash and sterilize. The product uses a high elasticity HR mattress that is equipped with a retraction to prevent abdominal pressures and disperse body pressures, is movable vertically and is water-repellent.

Medical Bed

YN-701 multifunctional medical bed series is a motored medical bed that can electrically adjust the angle of the upper and lower bodies and even the height depending on the number of embedded motors.
This is an affordable and budget bed that enhances practicability as a customer can choose the options while lowering the price. This bed product, which is used to treat or take care of patients or seniors with mobility difficulties, enables the angles of its back and leg boards and the height to be adjusted and is movable with wheels attached.


Medical Bed

Kareroom Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of medical hospital beds and medical devices and producing high-value products through technological innovation. Based on its exclusive cutting-edge technology to develop medical products, the company leads in the motion bed, recycling zone, and medical beauty products markets with great quality competitiveness. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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