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March 24, 2021 Diet Coffee
[INQ. NO. 2103C17] Fat Away helps to reduce body fat by retaining the natural flavor of coffee without drying the liquid. This product has obtained a license from KFDA for the manufacture of products and is certified by the Korea Health Supplements Association (KHSA).
It is easy to mix regardless of the temperature since it is contained in the disposable stick in the form of liquid, not powder, which is twice as thick as other counterpart products, so it can be mixed with water or milk to enjoy. Packaged individually, it is easy to carry and is produced by using patented technology so that it can be stored at room temperature for up to one year without chemical synthetic additives.

Instant Diet Coffee

The main ingredient of Fat Away is Garsinia Canbogia extract that suppresses enzyme activity used when carbohydrate is switched to fat, and helps to reduce body fat. Flannel hand drip extract of 100% Arabica coffee bean from Colombia, L-carnitine, and Belgian chicory root extract powder are added as supplementary materials. Habitual drinking of two cups of Fat Away per day can help to reduce stress and body fat without yo-yo effect and provide great body shape.
This product is diet functional food for health that passed the screening of the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety and its main ingredient is Garsinia Canbogia extract. It suppresses carbohydrate to be synthesized to fat and helps to reduce body fat.

Instant Diet Coffee

It contains Arabica coffee bean extract as a supplementary material, and it contains no harmful ingredients such as flavoring agents, color additives, sweetener, and chemical preservative, but the liquid is contained as it is boasting outstanding flavor and taste. Furthermore, the individual packing of liquid contents allows simply portability, easy dilution, and up to one year of long-term preservation at room temperature.
Consumers can enjoy Americano taste if they mix it with water and Latte taste with milk, and adjust the amount according to their taste to enjoy diversified light or dark taste.
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