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April 13, 2021 Cleanser
[INQ. NO. 2104C01] Prettian consists of three functions including oil, serum, and cleanser, in distinct colors for each, its three patented ingredients, and 17 naturally derived ingredients. It completely removes makeup and makeup residues as well as impurities deep in the pores. It also provides essential active ingredients, exfoliates the skin and combats aging.



Oil Cleanser


Cellcutis contains ceramide np, a patented raw material, and 100,000 ppm of stem cell culture liquid liposome. Made by using freeze-drying technology, it contains hyaluronic acid, ceramide, and patented raw materials, which are effective raw materials that help improve the skin without harmful chemical preservatives. This premium product rapidly promotes water-oil balance and provides high nutrition to the skin, thereby making the skin young and healthy.
A variety of active substances such as growth factors and extracellular matrix, which are very important for skin health, help prevent skin damage, improve skin elasticity, and skin condition. In addition, ceramide liposomes help keep the skin healthy and moist. Ceramide is a skin component that, when insufficient, causes skin aging, wrinkles, and inflammation. The liposomal nano-ceramide fiber layer is spread out and a moisturizing film is formed to prevent the invasion of external and internal destructive factors.


High-functional Cream & Serum
Reminise is a cream and serum made from liposomes of active ingredients such as stem cells and ceramides, which are beneficial for the skin, for quick absorption into the skin.Three patented ingredients, six kinds of peptides, and ingredients of human stem cell culture fluid provide rapid self-renewal from the inside. It also helps to remove dead skin cells, quickly restoring elasticity, and bringing glossiness to the skin.

High-functional Cream & Serum

Picostech Co., Ltd., founded in 2006, is a leading nanotechnology OEM and ODM manufacturer in Korea. Having acquired FDA approval after due diligence in 2016, it is the only Korean company registered as a private brand supplier for Walmart, USA.
The company has also obtained certification as a quasi-drug by the Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare (MHLW) in Japan, as well as GMP, ISO, and Halal certifications.


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