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April 15, 2021 Basin Cushion
[INQ. NO. 2104C05] Hippih Round/Square is an EVA cushion for cleaning equipment that covers a cold, hard washbasin. When a mother washes her baby while holding him or her in one arm, the cushion supports the baby’s weight for the mother to wash the baby without wrist pain, and the baby can comfortably be held in her arms for hygienic water washing.
In addition, the elderly, who tend to lean on a washbasin due to back or leg pain while washing, can comfortably lean their arms on the cushion, which brings convenience to using the basin.
Hippih Round/Square significantly reduces the use of wet wipes for a baby by minimizing unnecessary waste, thus lasting longer regardless of the baby’s age.

Bathroom Products

Bidet Cushion
Hippih Comodon is a bidet cushion tailored to manual bidets generally used in southern European countries. Covered with cold and hard pottery, it can be used with a comfortable feeling. It can also be used by anyone, young or old who is familiar with using a bidet.
All Hippih models are produced in one single size, yielding an average sink/bidet pottery size. In particular, Hippih Comodon is 100% waterproof, without absorbing water at all, and is quick-drying. All Hippih models have been tested for harmlessness by TÜV SÜD and Intertek.

Bathroom Products
First introduced to the market in 2018, Hippih is ranked first in NAVER, South Korea’s largest web search engine, as well as a global ICT brand, as a washbasin cushion-type baby bidet by word of mouth. Last year, its production began by targeting the southern European market, as well as its promotion in Madrid, Spain.

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