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April 15, 2021 Scrubber
[INQ. NO. 2104C06] Mr. King of Housekeeping is made of durable German 66 nylon combined with an antimicrobial sponge and filter foam bonded together in a triple structure. It has been tested by the FITI Testing and Research Institute. To test its antibacterial abilities, the scrubbers were put through one-hour wash cycles in a washing machine 20 times, then had incubated bacteria applied on them. After 18 hours in a suitable environment for bacterial growth, it was found that 99.9% of bacteria had disappeared.
Mr. King of Housekeeping 3-Fold Scrubber is available in two types, Multipurpose and Soft. It is comprised of three layers ─ a top scrubbing layer, a middle sponge layer, and a bottom filter foam layer. The top scrubbing layer is made of durable nylon 66, designed to scrub away grime with ease. The 3-Fold Soft Scrubber contains a softer type of abrasive in the scrubbing layer that makes it suitable for more delicate dishes. The middle sponge layer has strong absorption power that allows users to finish doing their dishes with just a small amount of detergent. Finally, the bottom filter foam layer is perfect for cleaning grease-covered dishes. The open-cell structure also allows the scrubber to dry fast, adding to its sanitary effect. With these three layers, you can wash any kinds of dishes or surfaces with ease.

Antimicrobial Scrubber

Mr. King of Housekeeping Antibacterial Bottle Brush has an ergonomic handle specially designed to prevent strains on one’s wrists while using the brush. The sponge part is made of three layers of soft antibacterial sponge. The embossed surface of these sponges enables one to clean every nook and cranny in a bottle.
Mr. King of Housekeeping is currently being exported to the USA, Canada, Vietnam, Indonesia, Russia, and so forth.


Founded in 1996, INSAN Co., Ltd. specializes in developing and manufacturing 99% antibacterial, ecofriendly and long-lasting antibacterial scrubbers. INSAN is the first Korean company to develop antibacterial scrubbers utilizing an inorganic antimicrobial agent, which is safe for the human body, and the company renews the SF mark every year. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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