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April 30, 2021[INQ. NO. 2104C24] Autumn 21˚C is designed to provide a feeling and warmth of Mother Nature for modern people whose secluded lives have been prolonged due to COVID-19 since 2020. Equipped with natural designs, it satisfies various purposes from home cafes to interior accessories, while featuring easy cleaning, light weight, and a non-slip bottom.
Autumn21˚C is a brand that expresses the visual and tactile texture of nature in minimalist shapes by using marbles provided free of charge just before being discarded as waste from construction sites, and mixing them with sand and resin.
The Autumn 21˚C Plate is an accessory designed to provide a warm feeling of sunshine and relaxation on a quiet weekend with coffee and refreshments. During your leisurely time, it brings a welcoming atmosphere to the family, friends, and guests, helping to enrich your daily lives by allowing one to place perfumes, fragrances, as well as various accessories on it.


Interior Accessories


Autumn 21˚C Vase is designed to express the warmth of sunlight and autumn leaves through the natural gradation tone of sand. The marble adds depth and luxuriousness, while allowing one to create a warm atmosphere by filling the house with the brightness of flowers.
tone˚C offers lifestyle brand products that reflect various aspects of nature’s unique texture. It also uses marbles discarded from construction sites to produce upcycle accessories, furniture, and new materials.
Selected for a government support project in the energy and resources sector in 2020, tone˚C has been growing steadily, while expanding its business to the production of furniture and new materials this year.


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