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May 3, 2021 Mask
[INQ. NO. 2104C25] The Premium Sapphire Collagen Impact Fitting Mask is a double-functional mask pack for whitening of the skin and wrinkle improvement. It is made from pure natural Norwegian marine collagen to compensate for skin collagen that is rapidly lost from 25 years of age or older.
It is a high-functional, high-content product that contains 3% niacinamide, a whitening ingredient certified by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, which makes it the highest niacinamide content compared to all existing mask packs.
It contains 830,000ppm of marine collagen, which is rapidly absorbed into the body by having the same properties as skin collagen, while 400DA small molecule collagen, which is 1.6 billion times smaller than pores, is absorbed more quickly than other collagen products. It restores vitality and elasticity to wrinkled and weak skin, thereby helping the elastic components of marine collagen penetrate into the skin.

Functional Cosmetics

In addition, the hydrogel-type porous structure mask provides excellent adhesion. Composed of 100% cosmetic ingredients without using a scaffolding element, the mask begins to become transparent about 40 minutes after application. Users can see collagen being absorbed into the skin.

Collagen Mask

This product has been certified through about 20 clinical tests for skin hypoallergenicity, absorption power, pore improvement, elasticity improvement, whitening improvement, etc. A single application can bring change to the skin’s condition.
Founded in 2014, PPU Co., Ltd. produces skin-cleansing items, mask packs, and basic skincare products that combine the properties of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

The Premium Sapphire Collagen Impact Fitting Mask | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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