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May 21, 2021 Blind
[INQ. NO. 2105C07] Dexter Roller Blind is a classic choice for window coverings and perhaps the most well-known type of blind, which is why Dexter offers a beautiful range of roller blinds to choose with various designs and functions such as translucent and blackout fabrics in a variety of colors. Blackout roller blinds provide an excellent solution for preventing unwanted light from entering a room, Especially Dexter offers a Sun-Reflex Fabrics to maintain a comfortable temperature inside rooms, so it should be an ideal choice for the trendy energy-saving solutions for the modern home or office.
Dexter Zebra (Combi) Blind is made with alternating horizontal sheer and room darkening or translucent vanes. Made from 100% polyester like sheer curtain, the light filtering horizontal sheer shades will block UV rays while still allowing one to enjoy the view out the window. Like a blind, the shades can be opened or closed to secure more privacy.


Dexter Roller Blind


Dexter Sunscreen is one of the fabrics with outstanding strong and durable textures and it is easy to use in dust-free environments such as hospitals, schools, and commercial buildings. Green Guard-Gold and OEKO-TEX produced by Hansol IMB are made of certified fabrics for safety and reliability of private spaces in buildings.
Bright light and harmful UV-rays can be blocked with a sun-screen roller shade. Made from PVC-coated polyester yarns, it is designed to protect privacy while offering maximum light-blocking effects with minimal view-through.

Dexter Sunscreen

Hansol IMB manufactures and supplies high-quality window coverings in various ranges. Its products under the brand name Dexter include roller blinds, combination blinds, triple shades, wood blinds, Roman shades, as well as standard vertical blinds for various places such as corporate offices, hotels, commercial buildings, hospitality industry, residences, shops, and hospitals, etc. The company is leading the industry by offering an unparalleled range of products through excellent workmanship.


High-Quality Window Blinds & Shades | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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