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May 24, 2021 Tableware Set
[INQ. NO. 2105C09] The existing dessert forks and spoons, in general, cause hassles while preparing them separately, according to the number of people in the office or home when enjoying tea, refreshments, or desserts. Tableware is usually stored, mixed in a holder, thus being difficult to remove. They are also easy to lose and difficult to manage.
Trisha Fork & Spoon set was developed as a solution to these problems. It comprises a combination of twelve forks and spoons with a design of a skirt and a silhouette of a beautiful woman. Consisting of forks, spoons, and wine openers, it is designed for easy storage and an exclusive design of a single object.


It can be used by taking one object (Trisha) out of the set onto a table, thereby triggering curiosity for a first-time user and offering interest after they learn how to use the product. By bringing the 14 objects including six dessert forks of the same size and design, six teaspoons, a wine opener, and a cradle together, it enhances the efficiency of storing and management.The luxurious aesthetic objects in an emotional design enhance the elegance of tea time. Trisha has a design differentiated from other products. In particular, the stainless steel part is a Korean product that is recognized for its safety without causing any harm to the human body as proven by tests by an inspection institute.



Although small in size, it has a high business attraction and offers a beautiful sensibility to consumers. In addition, it can be customized with various colors and patterns to suit the tastes of customers. Since its establishment in 2009,
PAV Design has been engaged in providing consulting for product design. In order to become a luxurious living brand and develop products of the best design along with design talents since 2016, PAV Design has continuously devoted itself to working on producing innovative designs. Its products feature various design techniques to overcome inconveniences in our daily lives. They undergo a thorough inspection process for mass-production. Now they are sold in department stores across the nation.

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