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Wooden Air Purifier | Korean Products[INQ. NO. 2105C16] Honey-Blower is an air purifier developed and inspired by the shape of a honeycomb. Propolis is applied to the walls on the hexagonal surfaces of honeycombs so germs cannot live on the surfaces.
Its exterior is made of Australian eucalyptus wood so it gives the product a classic feel and a unique scent. In addition, it is durable and sleek, so people can use it for a long time. The company created a perfect appearance of the product by delicately cutting hexagonal sides and joining them by hand. Currently, the product is legally protected by a design patent in Korea.
Honey-Blower sterilizes the air with light by using a Tio2 photocatalyst filter. Its HEPA filter blocks fine dust first and its Tio2 filter realizes optimal air quality by removing harmful substances and killing germs.

Wooden Air Purifier

Users can listen to music from the built-in Bluetooth speakers on both sides at the bottom of the product.
Using a master product, people can use one single unit with six air purifiers to clean a wider space. In addition, this air purifier is more portable than other air cleaners as it is compact in size and free from installment space restrictions so it can be placed on a floor or hung on a wall.
Increasingly, the market for air cleaners is growing while increasingly many old air purifiers and used filters are being discarded. The company wants to make air purifiers which are environmentally friendly and can help people protect their health. So the company developed Honey-Blower to keep air clean for users.

Wooden Air Purifier

The Altoran Research Institute was founded in 2012 and since then, has been operating for seven years. Its main business is air cleaners. The company has developed Honey-Blower, a honeycomb-type wooden air cleaning sterilizer using a Tio2 filter.
The company is currently preparing to export the product to Japan and conducts market research in Hong Kong, China and Thailand. Recently, it was selected as a Korea Brand K product and since then, has been recognized as one of the representative products of Korea. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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