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Personal Urine Analyzer & Strip | Korean Products

June 14, 2021[INQ. NO. 2106C02] Licote is a personal urine chemistry analyzer using a smartphone app via Bluetooth communication by testing the changes of color information on the test strip. It is a smart product that also enables personal health checks (for human/animal) and IOT, and untact medical diagnosis. The CE and FDA-approved strips provide reliable test results.
After the urine analyzer reads personal urine and chemical reaction data from the strip and sends it to the smartphone app, the app analyzes the data and displays user-friendly test descriptions, test results with guidance in graph display for users to manage their health.
Unlike other products, the color change values on the strip are decoded into negative, positive (+,++,+++,++++) or numeric values, with up to 30,000 tests recorded and stored.


Personal Urine Analyzer & Strip


A vast amount of data for analyzing value data is stored in the app, and the measured value can be deduced in a short time, and the measured data can be stored and utilized for each user.
Types of strip for the human, animal, water-quality test, and test-type changes are infinitely expandable. The application data can be changed according to the type of inspection merely by replacing strips with one device for human, animals, and water-quality inspection. Licote acquired CE certification (CE-IVD).


Personal Urine Analyzer & Strip


Braintech Co., Ltd., an ISO-9001, 14001, 13485, GMP-certified company, produces IOT healthcare products including an in-vitro diagnosis – urine chemistry tester, while looking for a partnership for export, and is currently engaged in R&D for a PCT-based biomolecular diagnostic amplifier and test kit.
The company is also developing a next-generation smart in-vitro diagnostic-urine chemistry tester, planning to release the product with improved precision and multifunctional features in October 2022.


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