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June 16, 2021[INQ. NO. 2106C05] Designed, machined and assembled in Korea. AD&Lighting Light Guide Panels offer a flexible and efficient back-lighting solution for a variety of applications including signage, shopfitting, architectural, commercial, and advertising.
Made from the highest quality new cast acrylic, each light guide panel is etched with a unique, optimum performance grid pattern.
The self-developed 3D V-cutting pattern machine produces highly efficient grid patterns on cast acrylic panels. It offers superb brightness and uniformity as the machine decides the depth of grid and pitch between grids depending on the thickness of the acrylic panel and specification of LED positioning. The produced pattern ensures optimum light spread and shadow-free illumination.
With an ultra-slim profile starting from just 6mm, it is space-saving, easy to install, and available in bespoke sizes, while coming with single or double-sided options.


Light Guide Panels


AD&Lighting Light Guide Panels are equipped with ultra-efficient Samsung LEDs available in a range of color temperatures. RGB and RGBW options are also available, providing scope for a variety of different effects and mood lighting ideas for various applications.
All light panels are tested during production and once more before packing. And each order is inspected following a thorough quality control process. The quality control results can be provided upon request. Photos are taken to document each shipment’s order number, contents, and date of shipment, which is to assure that the light panels and all accessories have been included in the shipment.


Light Guide Panels


Incorporated in 2001, AD&Lighting has been manufacturing light guide panels (LGP), inverters for CCFL, and LCD backlights with its R&D and production technologies for backlight used in TFT-LCD. The company is currently engaged in the manufacture of high-quality back-light panels offering high-energy light efficiency using LED as the light source.


Light Guide Panels


AD&Lighting has also developed a proprietary pattern processor for LGP to facilitate the manufacture of products in various sizes from small to extra-large. Based on the LED design technology developed by the in-house electric circuit designers and the ability to manufacture LGP of high intensity and uniformity, it has produced and supplied stable, reliable, and high-quality light panels.
Equipped with unrivaled technological competence and advanced manufacturing facilities, AD&Lighting is committed to supplying products of outstanding quality and reliability. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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