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June 18, 2021 Porridge
[INQ. NO. 2106C08] Bebest Rice Porridge is a weaning food that does not need to be boiled – as long as it is mixed with hot water, a delicious rice porridge will be instantly ready. From a thin rice gruel for the babies in the initial stage of weaning (5 to 6 months) to a thick one for babies in the latter stage, Bebest Rice Porridge can be conveniently prepared and fed to babies of all stages of weaning by controlling the amount of hot water added.

Calcium Churros
Bebest Kids Churros is a healthy and delicious baby snack that contains calcium, which is good for bone health. It is a baby snack that parents can have no concerns about because it is made of brown rice grown in Korea in addition to the Greek yogurt cream (which is not sweet, but still delicious) and fruits.
It is made by applying heat and pressure, instead of frying, so it tastes light and healthy.

Baby Refreshments


Seaweed Snack
Bebest Seaweed Snack is a new type of baby snack made of dried laver that is rich in nutrients. The fried laver, a traditional Korean snack, is turned into a baby snack that is not too salty or hard so that babies can easily enjoy it.

Baby Refreshments


Barley Tea
Bebest Barley Tea is a tea that can be fed to babies instead of water. It is made using barley tea which has been commonly and traditionally enjoyed in Korea. It is made of organic barley grown in Korea.
This barley tea is so mild and tasty that even a baby who drinks it for the first time can comfortably enjoy it. Since the barley tea contains no caffeine and has no calorific value, it can be fed to babies instead of water at any time during the day.

Baby Refreshments | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods


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