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June 25, 2021 Tonic
[INQ. NO. 2106C14] Natural Nutrition Eye Tonic is an eyelashes essence made from natural extract ingredients that helps make eyelashes thicker and enriched by providing nourishment without causing eye irritations. Coming in a patented ball-type container, it can be used for eyebrows and eyelashes at the same time.

Hair Tonic
Natural Nutrition Hair Tonic is a scalp-essence made from natural extract ingredients. It keeps the scalp healthy, recovers scalp balance, and prevents hair loss. This product has been developed for busy modern people by using natural ingredients with two functions in one product needing no separate scalp tonic or styling product. The natural extract ingredient will keep the hair strong and healthy through regular use.

Eye Tonic

Natural Nutrition Hair Cream Soap is a water-soluble product. Absorbed into pores, it removes the waste and restores the scalp into a healthy condition. Loaded with natural ingredients, it is hypo-allergenic compared to the other chemical-ingredient-based products in the market.

Anti-Hair-Loss & Scalp Care Products

A natural cosmetics company, 3DAMO Co., Ltd. produces nature-friendly cosmetics for the scalp and eyelashes. Its products maximize the efficacy of extracts from natural ingredients obtained from nature, helping to improve scalp health and eyelashes growth.

Anti-Hair-Loss & Scalp Care Products

Created through six years of R&D 3DAMO products are designed to be used safely regardless of age and gender – even for infants and young children. In particular, this product has been developed with a focus mainly on hair loss caused by seborrheic dandruff, irregular eating habits, stress, drinking, smoking, etc. It is a product that maximizes the effect by smoothly circulating blood and allowing the natural ingredients to quickly penetrate the scalp. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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