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June 30, 2021[INQ. NO. 2106C18] DIY Paper Object is a DIY origami product that embodies the shapes of artist Sarajoo’s work, which contain messages on the environment and animal protection with the motif of nine endangered animals. This product can be used for various purposes such as home interiors and store displays, and contains the stories of each work, thereby creating a more special space.
Unlike existing origami products using adhesives and tools, it can be completed only with the enclosed kit (Patent No.10-2018-0051449) anywhere, and this three-dimensional puzzle is also noted as educational material.


DIY Paper Object


Wall-mounted Hanger
Rhino Haner Object, made of silicone, can be safely used at home with children. It can be hung on the wall using nails or the built-in neodymium directly on a steel door, wall, or frame. It can also be used to hang key rings, accessories, or plants.

DIY Paper Object

Dessert Picks
Leapick brings your kitchen to life with a leaf-like design reflecting nature. It can be a good interior decoration accessory. This functional object consists of 12 dessert picks that enable sensuous food styling without any special skills or decoration.

DIY Paper Object
BPA-free PCTG can be used without causing harm to hot food, and can be safely used in heat-resistant and cold-resistant temperatures of -40 to 100 degrees C. Image
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