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July 14, 2021 Lipstick
[INQ. NO. 2107C03] MINYA All Day Wear Lip Coat features a rich color, a matte finish, water-resistance, and lasts up to 16 hours. Lasting all day long without hydrating the lips, its revolutionary formula has been awarded the 2020 Marie Claire Korea Editor’s Pick for Best Lip tint, and the 2020 Marie Claire Korea Trunk show for Best Lip Tint of the Year.
MINYA Pro Cover Perfecting Foundation is enriched with the stimulating power of Cica extract, Allantoin and Ceramide NP, and SPF 25 +++. Its formula protects the skin barrier and heals inflammation including acne and blemishes while giving the most natural high coverage finish.

MINYA Pro Cover Perfecting Foundation

The Foundation comes in four different shades (from 21 to 30 on the Korean scale), and the light-weight breathable formula makes it easy to be used by different skin shades at once. Its revolutionary formula has received the Hi Seoul Award 2020, and many others.

MINYA Artist Eye Perfecting Palette

MINYA Artist Eye Perfecting Palette is a versatile and practical combination of creamy eyeshadows, marketed in the most stylish packaging. Most other eye palettes produced in Korea feature a coral base or pink base, thus not always looking good on every skin shade.
The color selection of this product is more inclusive and looks great on every skin tone while using mineral oils to make the shimmer in the palette, and is fall-free and easier to apply. It also features a high-quality metal with laser inscription, making it a great addition to every makeup pouch.

Beauty Care Items

Founded in 1993, HANLAB Co., Ltd. has developed and manufactured reagents and software for laboratory medicine. Focusing on R&D, the company has allocated 30% of its employees to its R&D laboratory and developed ABC, the world’s first automatic balancing centrifuge, LOS, a lab essential parts automatic system, and RMS, a remote monitoring system, under the brand name “Labmaster.” | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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