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July 16, 2021 Figs
[INQ. NO. 2107C08] Muhwadam Dried Fig is dried with a dryer that does not cause any loss of nutrition or taste under a patented drying method. The soft and chewy texture of the dried fig makes it a natural snack that everyone can enjoy.

Green Fig Jam
Muhwadam Sugar-Free Green Fig Preserve Jam is made of organically grown blue figs selected for its excellent sugar content were picked, by removing stems and grinding finely to make premium jam. Dried fig is added to the blue fig jam to add richer flavor and taste.
The unique popping texture of fig seeds when they are chewed will allow the consumers to get the original taste of sweet figs.

Fig Products

Green Fig Extract
Muhwadam Green Fig Extract is made purely from the blue fig by selecting only those with high sugar content and concentrating the juice at low temperature over a short time to minimize the loss of nutrition as much as possible. The blue fig concentrate contains no other ingredient (water or sugar) than the blue fig itself – it contains only the healthy properties of the raw material.
It comes in a stick form, which makes it easy to enjoy the product anywhere, anytime. It is delicious as is, but it can also be enjoyed by mixing with water or carbonated water as the fig-ade or using it as a salad dressing.
Founded in 2014, Muhwadam started its business producing dried figs in 2016, has been extended to various products including jam, extract, juice, vinegar, and powder products. The company has started its export in 2019 and is currently exporting to countries including the United States, Singapore, and Hong Kong, while planning to expand it to various product ranges such as Hwangchil tea bag tea and Hwangchil essence in 2021.

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