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July 21, 2021 Contact Cleaner
[INQ. NO. 2107C18] BW-100 ECC is used for cleaning sensitive electronics and electrical equipment quickly and easily, removing oil, grease, dust, and other pollutions on contacts without leaving any residue, and improves conductivity by cleaning off impurities.
This product is made using the 4th-generation halogenated solvent HFO-1233ZD as the main ingredient, which is a zero ODP solvent with extremely low global warming potential. It is also non-flammable. BW-100 ECC will work as an easy and efficient cleaning solution for any electronic appliance.


Fruit And Vegetable Wash
vegeAQUA, a fruit and veggie wash, has recently been relaunched in 10.6oz size with new packaging. Several fruit and veggie wash products available on the market smell of chemicals and create foam-like chemical detergent. However, by only containing Ionized water (99.7%) and minerals (0.3%). vegeAQUA is not foamy and is also odorless just like water, but with a powerful cleaning effect.

Eco-Friendly Products

vegeAQUA has been sold at Whole Foods Market, an American multinational supermarket chain since 2019. It was also registered with the Vegan Society for containing no animal-derived ingredients and conducting no animal testing.
BEX Inter-Corporation Ltd. (BEX) started as an independent corporation in 2002, and has continually and steadily invested in the development of eco-friendly products. Its products are highly recognized at home and abroad for being harmless to the human body with excellent cleaning properties.

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