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July 22, 2021 Litter Shovel
[INQ. NO. 2107C21] PuppyroCat is designed to scoop out the excrement clumps easily and is lightweight. The blade part of the PuppyroCat Cat Litter shovel inserted into a litter is round and pointed like a real shovel, so it can be easily inserted into the litter, and you can shovel by turning the shovel in the litter freely when you scoop out litter clumps. It can reduce the litter box cleaning time and is less laborious for cat owners.
Since PuppyroCats’s shovel has a design that can easily scoop out litter like a real shovel, it is not necessary to use a heavy material, so it can be made light (only 69 grams) while making it easy to clean by increasing its size. This structure design provides a very effective litter box cleaning method that is light and can easily scoop out large amounts of litter.
The effective filtering design of the holes prevents litter from getting stuck in the holes, so sifting time is greatly reduced. The size of the holes is designed to be smaller as they face the center of gravity of the shovel, so even small clumps can be efficiently sifted.
The front and bottom sides of the shovel are pointed and rounded, so the shovel can be used comfortably in all directions.

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The sharp and rounded shape of the front and side of the shovel makes it possible to clean even the grooves and corners of the litter box and separates hard clumps like mud very easily. It’s big in size, but light, and the center of gravity is on the handle side, so there is less weight and the wide and large holes allow litter to filter rapidly back through easily.


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