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July 23, 2021[INQ. NO. 2107C24] Zinc Oxide is manufactured through French indirect processes using high-grade Zinc Ingot and is provided at a competitive price. Coming with two options – powder and pellet, the pelletized zinc oxide is easy to match the fixed weight and suitable for products requiring low dust. A variety of packaging types are available including 20kg 3ply kraft paper bag, P/P bag (500kg, 800kg, etc.), customer-requested weight (2kg, 5kg, 7kg, etc.).
Zinc Oxide KS-1 (ZnO 99.9% min) is used for shoe soles, animal feeds, and PVC stabilizers.
Zinc Oxide KS-2 (ZnO 99.4% min) is mainly used for rubbers (gaskets, automotive parts, etc.), as well as passenger, truck and motorcycle tires and it is also used for ceramics, fertilizer, and paints.
The main export countries include Vietnam and Indonesia.

Mineral Ingredients


Founded in 1945, PJ Chemtek Co., Ltd. has been manufacturing high-purity zinc oxide used in various industries such as rubber, tire, paint, ceramic, shoe soles, and animal feeds. Based on the experience and expertise accumulated over many years, the company is continuing its solid business relationships with domestic and foreign companies.

Mineral Ingredients

PJ Chemtek is committed to improving product quality and since its first acquisition of ISO 9001, has maintained the certification. It has also obtained ISO-14001.

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