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July 26, 2021[INQ. NO. 2107C28] Jung Ann Kimchi is made of fresh napa cabbage. It contains rich Kimchi seasoning and presents a crunchy texture and can be stored for a longer period thanks to the unique technique. The maker satisfies the needs of buyers with manufacturing lines for various sizes and packages.
Jung Ann Vegetarian Kimchi is a Kimchi without anchovy stock, salted anchovies, and spicy materials, such as leek, garlic, etc. It has a more crunchy texture and can be stored for a longer period thanks to the unique technique.
Jung Ann Gold Kimchi is made without hot pepper powder, anchovy stock, and salted anchovies. Instead, it has tofu, carrot, soy oil, etc. to give the napa cabbage Kimchi a yellow color and satisfy the consumers who do not prefer a spicy taste. It presents a plain and refined taste and adds sweet and palatable flavors using fermented vinegar. It is a product closer to salad, not the traditional Korean Kimchi, to serve the tastes of all ages.
Jung Ann Kimchi has been exported to Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, and other countries for the past 14 years as it has been highly recognized for its taste and quality. Especially in Taiwan, Jung Ann has the highest market share among the Kimchi brands imported from Korea.

Premium Kimchi

Founded in 2007, Agricultural Corporation Damo mainly produces and exports Kimchi and fresh fruits. Its flagship products include Jung Ann Kimchi, Vegetarian Kimchi, and Gold Kimchi.
The highly experienced employees of Damo are devoting their utmost efforts to increase the rural household incomes and show the excellence of Korean agricultural products by exporting not only Kimchi but also fruits grown in Korea, including pears, apples, grapes, etc., to the world.
Damo uses carefully selected agricultural products grown from all over Korea and reproduces the ancestors’ traditional techniques and skills in the production facilities with HACCP, FSSC22000, HALAL, and FDA certifications under a thorough hygiene control system.
The company can stably supply its products throughout the year with its refrigerated storage facilities.

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