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August 23, 2021[INQ. NO. 2108C16] CLEARSEE is a product made purely of high-quality superfine fibers made in Korea. It was certified by REACH and Oeko-TEX, which means that it is harmless to humans.
It contains no hazardous substances at all and complies with the safety regulations of the EU and the USA (California Prop. 65). The Ministry of SMEs and Startups of Korea recognized CLEARSEE’s competitiveness as an eco-friendly product and designated it as a BRAND-K product.
It can be used 300 times or more for over 12 months for most types of lenses, including anti-reflex, hydrophobic, and superhydrophobic lenses, and lasts up to 12 hours after use. It has been evaluated as a product with the most stable performance compared to its counterparts.
While the product cannot be washed by its nature, and with personal hygiene becoming such an important topic under the current circumstances, CLEARSEE is the only cleaning cloth in the world that can be treated as an antibiotic. At the same time, the company is capable of manufacturing 2.4 million pieces per month, which is the largest manufacturing capacity in the industry.

Anti Fog Cleaning Cloth

Founded in 2010 as the largest microfiber manufacturer in Korea, CMA Global Co., Ltd. produces about 60 million eco-friendly microfiber glasses cleaning cloths annually. It exports to the world’s leading eyeglass lens manufacturers and as of 2020, the company has 11,000 buyers in 130 countries.

Anti Fog Cleaning Cloth
Being the only company equipped with a one-stop production system to independently perform all processes from knitting to printing, packaging, and logistics, it has the largest number of products in the industry, including fashion items such as towels and scarves, and chemical products such as anti-fog items.

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