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August 25, 2021 Pain Treatment Device
[INQ. NO. 2108C32] Say Care Menstrual Pain Treatment Device reaches the uterus tissue, causing the uterus tissue to secrete Nitric Oxide (NO). The secreted NO particles spread onto the smooth muscle cells in the uterus tissue. The smooth muscle cells activate guanylate cyclase (GC) to produce cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP) particles.
When cGMP particles are constantly secreted and reach a certain amount, it relaxes the smooth muscle in the uterus tissue and increases circulation in the blood vessels that had been constricted by the contracted smooth muscles. Increased blood circulation increases the amount of oxygen and nutrition supplied to the damaged smooth muscle cells, stimulates the metabolism of the cells, and eases menstrual pain.
The Say Care Menstrual Pain Treatment Device has obtained CE-MDD and KFDA certifications.
A clinical trials for menstrual pain patients conducted by two university hospitals for three months has proved a 40% cure rate effect after one month of use, and the cure rate gradually increased as time passed, resulting in about 80% three months afterward.


Health-Improving Devices

Eye Vision Training Device
IOT recovers and improves vision by stimulating the muscles that control the eye lens without causing side effects. It allows users of all ages to engage in effective vision therapy without making them incur expensive costs by providing the application the maker developed. The application helps the users engage in vision therapy more systematically and effectively with its automated lens exercise method.
By automatically spinning the special optical lens of -2.00 ~ +2.00 diopter more than 60 times in 5 minutes, IOT strengthens the muscles that control the eye lens by repeatedly contracting and relaxing the muscles. Meanwhile, all the user needs to do is just look straight ahead.
Seven different self-developed eye exercise games allow training of the lens muscles in a more fun way, while improving visual concentration, visual memory, and eye movement.
IOT has obtained various certifications including KFDA, FDA, FCC, SRRC, TELEC, and NCC.
In Korea, it has achieved a sales of 2,700 units and a value of about KRW 1 billion, and 2,500 units with KRW 1.1 billion in Japan.


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