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Eco-Friendly Dish-Washing Sponge | Korean Products

August 30, 2021[INQ. NO. 2108C60] Lifs is a highly elastic, eco-friendly cleaning foam made of urethane. It effectively removes stains that are hard to clean because they are scorched and stuck. The urethane foam manufactured by the world’s best technology is not only elastic but also air permeable with its pores.
The urethane has random cells, of different sizes. The urethane foam has excellent elasticity and endurance, so it can be used for a long time. The random cell material has a stronger cleaning performance because it has excellent friction and generates a large number of bubbles, making cleaning more effective.
Lifs comes in a variety of designs, including ice cream, bread, leaf, water drop, etc. Lifs adheres to all objects and helps them stay dry. Other cleaning foams used in the kitchen are easily infected by germs because they constantly come in contact with food waste and water.
Since Lifs is well-ventilated and easily dried, users may feel less stressed about germs. Lifs also passed the hazardous material inspection by SGS, a global certification agency, which inspects for 10 major heavy metals.
Recently, eco-friendly products made of bio-plastic (50% or more of which is made of vegetable materials) are being introduced in the market, leading the way to a carbon-neutral society.

Eco-Friendly Dish-Washing Sponge

Bio-plastic emits a small amount of CO2 when incinerated, thus contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gases. INOAC’s coaster made of the new material performs better than competing products. It has a strong absorption performance when the content of a cup is spilled because it is made of a special material, and it can be managed in a sanitary way because it can be cleaned simply.

Eco-Friendly Dish-Washing Sponge

The company edge bumper guard for furniture comes in the form of adhesive tape, which is differentiated from other similar products in the market. It can be cut by hand to appropriate sizes and lengths so that it can be conveniently applied to various purposes.

Eco-Friendly Dish-Washing Sponge

The manufacturer plans to continue launching the products made of eco-friendly urethane foam and bio-plastic, such as washable mattresses and protects its intellectual property by acquiring patents. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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