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Self-heating Rice Soup | Korean Products

September 14, 2021[INQ. NO. 2109C08] Yummy features a dual container – a cup container with food heating agents, and a top container with scorched Korean rice, a crab-based white soy sauce, a freeze-dried block, and a spoon. Unlike regular cup rice and instant food, it is a self-heating food that can be prepared in 10 minutes after pouring in cold water anytime and anywhere. Korean rice, a crab-based white soy sauce, and a freeze-dried block preserve its savory texture.
If a user puts the heating agent in the cup container and pours in water, the water boils to 98 degrees Celsius within 5 minutes, and the steam lasts for 20 minutes. The user can enjoy a hearty meal with a bowl of warm scorched rice soup. The company produces self-heated scorched rice soups by combining local eco-friendly raw materials and products from social enterprises. It is currently in the process of registering a patent for its portable instantly heating food container.
With the snow crab soy sauce and nurungji in the container obtaining HACCP certification, it is being exported to the United States, Vietnam, and Russia.
To expand its business to the Chinese and Southeast Asian markets, the company is developing Mara Longsha, Mapo Tofu, Egg Mushroom, and Noodle Soup.

Self-heating Rice Soup


As a social enterprise, Poasis Co., Ltd. is not only strengthening its export capabilities through the development of eco-friendly containers and products, but also pursues the value of environmental protection. Accordingly, it is manufacturing meal kits in cooperation with socio-economic products that are tailored to today’s changes in lifestyle and the growth of the home food market.


Self-heating Rice Soup

In 2019, the company signed a fair trade agreement with Cooplus, a social enterprise of Good Neighbors in Hanoi, and held a promotion at a local super market in Vladivostok, Russia. It entered Sky Mart in Vietnam through additional product development and is exporting products to Russia and the United States. It is currently expanding its export channels to other countries. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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