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September 15, 2021[INQ. NO. 2109C13] Jxylo Self-heating Vest is made using a planar heating element and a dedicated battery. The SUS planar heating element is ergonomically arranged to reduce heat loss and maximize thermal efficiency.
The temperature can be set at three levels including low, medium, and high by pressing the power button on the vest for three seconds according to the situation and environment. In case of overload, an electric shut-off system functions, and the temperature control keeps the average temperature of the heating part constant, while the heat retention time is long.
It can be placed in the inner pocket inside the auxiliary battery for more convenience, and the fabric is quilted to provide warmth when wearing it as everyday clothing.
Jxylo Ice Vest is used with ice packs in the vest pocket. Jxylo Ice Pack contains special molecules, alcohol-type polymers, in refrigerants, to prevent condensation and boost cooling durability by about 10%. The comfortable cooling bag provides cold air. It has patented technology to prevent the condensation of water droplets in refrigerants.

Functional Jackets

The front of the cooling bag is made of a thin water-resistant fabric that quickly delivers cold air. An insulating material on the back maximizes cold air durability. In addition, refrigerants are placed along the vagus nerve line passing through the thoracic spine to provide a different level of coolness.

Functional Jackets
The ice vest sticks to the body by applying adjustable belts on both sides of the waist, so it can offer stronger cooling effects to the body. It is light, weighing only 150g, so users can hardly feel its weight.
These products are provided to public institutions including COVID-19 screening centers and quarantine facilities, military bases, doctors’ associations, and agricultural cooperatives.


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