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Traditional Korean Snacks | Korean Products

September 16, 2021[INQ. NO. 2109C27] Unlike other competitors, RABIQUEEN Chu-Eat Tteokbokki can be cooked immediately after washing it once without a separate thawing process. Rabiqueen sauce is a golden recipe made through 500 days of tests and improvement through more than 30 years of technical know-how. The rice cake used is made n automatically, so you can feel the chewy texture of nicely cooked noodles.
It is a popular Tteokbokki meal kit for camping because it only requires water and a pot, so people do not need to cut it with a knife. It has a rich powder sauce, so it can be used for cooking after being divided into small amounts. It is easy to use and does not stick to your hands like a liquid sauce.
Haru Ssiat Byeoli Hotteok is a frozen Hotteok (hot rice cake) that is easy to cook by using microwave ovens, frying pans, air fryers, etc. It is a nutritious snack rich in almonds, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, and peanut flour, and reduces calories by using unrefined sugar.

Traditional Korean Snacks

It is also fermented secondly through the company’s own fermentation method. The company recreated the traditional homemade taste of Hotteok. It is composed of four types — sticky rice Hotteok, green tea Hotteok, barley Hotteok and black sesame Hotteok.
Mini Fish-Shaped Bread, is a sponge cake-based bread that contains not only flour but also Korean rice. Therefore, it is crispy and has a nice flavor. It is a frozen product, but it gives almost the same texture as a product that came out right after cooking at a restaurant by creating a crispy and soft texture when cooked using an air fryer.

Traditional Korean Snacks
Consisting of red bean paste, custard cream, milk cream, and chocolate cream, it tastes excellent when enjoyed with milk or coffee.

Traditional Korean Snacks | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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