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September 16, 2021[INQ. NO. 2109C24] Electro Luminescence (EL) refers to the phenomenon by which light is generated by electrical stimulation of a fluorescent crystal that is evenly distributed between two electrodes with excellent conductivity, and the movement of electrons in the cycle, becomes visible as light. It produces electroluminescence as thin and flexible as paper and can be used to manufacture various products in diverse sizes and shapes.

Character Goods
This character product based on EL technology is released by applying to children’s clothing the design of Molangi, a representative character among white ducks in Korea,. It is currently sold through the online Smart Store and High Vibe by applying its own design of Miracle and LEL products to adult hooded T-shirts. Also, the company is in negotiation with Lolipopz, a girl band in Czechia over design.
Its excellent visibility during outdoor activities at night is helpful for safety, while releasing no harmful electromagnetic waves.
Garend for Tent is composed of KOLON SPORTS and odumak Garenda designed, manufactured and provided to KOLON SPORT

Various Comfort Items

EL for Dog Clothing is easy to attach and detach by using a magnetic-type tee button with seven unique designs for walking with a dog at night.

Various Comfort Items
Its other sub-brand products include sling bags with EL with NIKE design and safety products using EL technology such as safety vests and hard hats for better identification during night work.

Various Comfort Items | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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Sun Cushion

[INQ. NO. 2207C31] ELROEL Pang Pang Big Sun Cushion S6 is a big-sized sun cushion that helps ensure beautiful skin by effectively blocking UV rays,...

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