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September 17, 2021[INQ. NO. 2109C30] Carnation Diaper is Korea’s first product to feature magic absorption path technology (Patent No. 10-1491057) to speed up absorption. Carnation Diaper produced through magic absorption pathway technology absorbs urine twice as fast as other products. It is very comfortable due to fast urine absorption and prevents ailments that can occur on the skin due to urine.
This product minimizes skin irritation by reducing any backflow of urine. Its two-layer absorption structure, specially designed for preventing backflow, quickly absorbs urine from the upper layer and keeps the skin soft by preventing urine from rising to the surface from the lower layer.
This product has a soft, pure cotton inner cover, keeping the skin feeling nice even after prolonged use as it has a pure cotton-textured inner cover. It passes a total of three product inspections. Carnation Diaper provides customers with only selected products that have passed a strict inspection process.
Carnation Hyoeun Diaper is the only high-quality diaper designated as an innovative product by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups in Korea. It is sold to public institutions and local governments. It enhances users’ health by applying eco-friendly chestnut shell sheets to remove odors that may cause inconvenience to users, preventing the sheets from becoming a hotbed of germs.

Diapers for Adults

Hyoeun Underwear Diapers help users to move freely because they feel like real underwear and fit well. Its patented “Magic Fit Channel” (Patent No. 10-2134865) technology prevents wrinkles and flexion in the absorbent. A “3D Magic Absorption Hole” Sheet is applied to absorb not only urine but also watery feces quickly, making it convenient. The double-layered structure of the absorber blocks the backflow of urine, making it comfortable to wear.

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