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Hybrid Chemicals | Korean Products[INQ. NO. 2109C35] Today’s growing public awareness of the environment is putting pressure on the textile industry to produce eco-friendly products. Depleting energy resources and generating large wastes increases total costs and affects the environment.
The functional chemicals produced by Korea Fine chemical include HYBRAN BRS, HYBRAN FC 226, DEMINOL FDS, SOFRANC-SAP, BIORAN STZ 2025, SM 180 AMB, etc.
Some other solutions include TABAMOL RFC and HYBRIWET AS for one-bath dyeing for rayon of spandex and yarn, SUPERWASH K300 for quick clean reactive soaping innovation, HYBRAN CPX for one bath dyeing polyester spandex knitted fabrics, as well as HYPERTEX D51 & HYBRAN SOPI for T/C, T/R, HYBRAN PSI for dyeing and short washing process, and HYBRAN LTSR for low-temperature soaping and reactive dyeing.
Korea Fine Chemical specializes in textile dyeing and printing, producing cotton textile-knit/woven processing chemicals, denim and readymade garments processing chemicals, polyester, wool, silk, nylon processing and worsted processing chemicals, and printing chemicals.
With over 30 years of experience in the chemical and textile industry in South Korea, it offers textile chemicals like sizing or chemicals involved in pre-treatment, from dyeing, to printing and finishing, through all stages of the textile dyeing process, while providing effective, and efficient solutions, especially in knit and yarn dyeing.

Hybrid Chemicals
Korea Fine Chemical offers multiple ZDHC-certified products to save costs and time consumed in production to help clients gain advantages in the market. With its accumulated experience, it offers with confidence a wide variety of solutions to reduce the use of chemical materials, and energy consumed in dyeing knit and yarn.
Equipped with a strong network of raw material suppliers, an R&D team, in partnership with Hybrid Chemical, its manufacturing contractor with over 30 years of textile industry experience in South Korea, the company seeks to provide optimal solutions for the continuously shifting consumer tastes and demands

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