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September 17, 2021[INQ. NO. 2109C36] Since it was launched in July 1984, and with more than 100 million units sold so far, Clean Wrap is the oldest product in the Korean food packaging industry. When it was launched, the PVC wraps that contain phthalate flooded the Korean market, and this product became hugely popular by introducing LLD-PE wrap that is harmless to humans for the first time in Korea.
It is made mainly of LLD-PE, a 100% recyclable material. Also, the edible corn oil is added instead of a chemical plasticizer to manufacture Clean Wrap. The non-toxic manufacturing method has been patented in the USA, China, Australia, China, and Korea. A safety blade is attached to the package for safer use, and the blade and the package can be easily separated for easier recycling.
The manufacturer offers a wide choice of the products in terms of size so that the users can use it for all sizes of containers, while constantly developing and introducing differentiated new products that make it easier to use plastic wrap, such as ‘Easy-Cut Clean Wrap,’ and ‘Sliding Clean Wrap’ with a slide-cutter.
Clean Bag has recorded sales of 16.5 million units annually. It is a box-tissue type of hygiene bag – the users can easily use the bag by pulling out one at a time. It became so popular that its name became a byword for food packaging vinyl products in Korea.
Only the FDA-approved materials are used to make CB, so it is safe when it comes in contact with food.

Kitchen & Household Goods
Established in 1983, Clean Wrap Co., Ltd. is a kitchen and household goods manufacturer that celebrates its 38th anniversary this year. As the No. 1 company in the food packaging industry that developed the world’s first non-toxic wrap, it is presenting new standards and trends in this field with excellent safety, eco-friendliness, and premium, while expanding its product range and business areas.
In addition, it is growing into a global company, exporting to 28 countries around the world, including Hong Kong, the USA, Russia, Vietnam, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand.

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