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September 24, 2021[INQ. NO. 2109C45] WHITEROSE is a sharp, 45D-type and W-type cannula L-type cannula 4-type needle to ensure thicker and stronger suture leading to more collagen production. The special coating with less abrasion shape cannula enables smooth insertion, less pain and minimizes tissue damage.
The lifting thread and the methods of installing have obtained many patents, of which several certificates are international.
It is certified by GMP, ISO13485, KFDA, CE, FDA, Kemenkes Registered and various certificates of trademark registration.
The product has been successfully applied by proposition in more than 15 countries.
Whiterose Global started manufacturing in 2017 as Dongwon Medical, and further established a global sales business under the name of Whiterose global in 2019. The company runs an OEM and ODM-specialized production plant for its own global brand through a global sales network.
Safe production process management and compliance with medical device regulations.
Available only through Dongwon medical and strict production management, and order packaging is prohibited via separate companies.
The company complies with the guidelines for disposable medical devices for patient safety.

Medical Device

WHITEROSE, once it is sterilized, will not be reused after resterilization.
WHITEROSE forbids reusable zipper storage bags for packaging to eliminate the possibility to be reused after opening.
Its exports are worldwide, including Germany, Spain, France, Switzerland, Romania, Australia, Russia, Ukraine, Ecuador, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, the USA, Canada, etc.

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