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October 22, 2021[INQ. NO. 2110C39] The technology used today to coat glasses to prevent them from fogging up is not perfect as the coating comes off easily when using ultrasonic cleaners and lens cleaning machines. Moreover, using a cloth to apply anti-fog products and spray-type products does not last over a day.
Raymaterials Anti-Fog Lens is a product different from any existing anti-fog lens in that its coating lasts much longer and is more durable.
The existing anti-fog lenses were difficult to wipe and the coating applied easily came off after wiping. For this reason, people had to use a cleaning cloth made specifically for these lenses or a cloth with an anti-fog solution.
This product can be used as tissues and cloth to clean other ordinary glasses. It is extremely convenient as people can just use fabric, cleaning cloth, or tissues to clean it instead of having to carry a special type of cleaning cloth or solution with them.
The materials used for lenses of eyeglasses are diverse, including PC, acrylic, MR, CR, and glass, and the preferred lens material varies by region.


Anti-Fog Lens

Anti-Fog Lens

Applicable to any type of eyeglass lenses, this product not only maintains coating but also provides hydrophilic anti-fog coating that is semi-permanent.
Using anti-fog glasses wipes might result in harmful substances getting on the hands. Hazardous substances left on the lenses after wiping them may get into the eyes as they evaporate.
Raymaterials Anti-Fog Lens is an eco-friendly product containing no substances harmful to the human body, and can be used for eyeglasses safely and conveniently.

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