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October 22, 2021[INQ. NO. 2110C45] Vauvar Breast Milk Storage Bag is made with materials and thickness ideal for storing breast milk.
The manufacturer focused on gaining trust from customers and achieving perfection by only using raw materials that meet the standards set forth by RoHS, an international certification authority, and the FDA.
It has two zippers that prevent the milk from spilling and a stand-up pouch, so it is hygienic and strong because it does not have a side that sticks to the ground.
Double-layered with the printed side not meeting the inside, it is a safe product that mothers can trust and use. Made as pouches for Grade, this product is ideal for storing stock or broth, ingredients, and other types of food.
Flexible Food Packaging increases the shelf life of the product and keeps it safe. It can be tailor-made in various sizes and thicknesses according to customer-specific designs such as special processing and requested specifications. Hygienic quality is the most important for food packaging, so they conduct regular tests in ISO, SGS and other international testing organizations and do quality checks throughout the production process.


Flexible Packaging Product

Flexible Packaging Product

INKOPACK Co., Ltd., a flexible packaging manufacturer, was established in 2002 and provides total packaging solutions to the B2B clients, from consulting to manufacturing.
Its main product is flexible bags for food which are full-customized products at client’s requests, such as vacuum bags, retort bags and spout bags.
In addition, the company is establishing its own brand called “Vauvar” of breast milk storage bags based on its accumulated expertise and experiences in the production packaging.

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