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October 22, 2021[INQ. NO. 2110C34] Ariul 7Days Renewal Mask Pack is a steady-seller launched in 2012 and operated by Olive Young, Korea’s top H&B channel, for more than ten years.
Ariul Lip And Eye Remover Pad is a single sheet developed to solve problems such as the inconvenience of using multiple sheets of liquid separately on a cotton pad to remove lip and eye makeup, inconvenience of portability, and location restrictions. It is a product with clean removal and portability.
Ariul Watermelon Hydro Vital quickly takes care of the skin that has lost its balance due to irritating external environments and sensitive skin after exposure to sunlight.


Ariul 7Days Renewal Mask Pack


Superfruits watermelon extract composed of 90% moisture and abundant vitamins and minerals provides strong moisturization and adds vitality to the skin. In addition, the xylitol provides a cooling feeling by controlling the skin temperature.

Ariul Watermelon Hydro Vital


LED Lumi Mask Pack enables both phototherapy and skincare at home, reflecting the home beauty trend that prevails under the COVID-19 environment. The self-luminous sheet has received a domestic patent and applied for design registration with the pattern to maximize the efficiency of light energy condensation and distribute light evenly throughout the skin.


Ariul Lip And Eye Remover Pad

True Pad is a daily care item for clear and smooth skin, which recovers the skin balance through excellent moisture supply, soothing, and clearing dead skin cells. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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